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Who we are

As a very well trusted veterinarian Indianapolis, IN, we know how important your pet is to you. As a special member of your family, competent pet care is required in order to ensure longevity, good health and a happy life. Our experienced staff at Shelbyville Road Veterinary Hospital excels in providing you and your pet with the highest standard of animal health care.

Shelbyville Road Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to serving the community of Indianapolis, IN for most pet health care problems. Having pets in our lives has shaped the philosophy of how we operate our Indianapolis veterinarian health care center.

12 years in business as one of the most trusted veterinarians in Indianapolis has made us better understand the needs of you and your pets. Thanks to our long term commitment in providing the best service to clients around Indianapolis IN, we have been recognized by many in the community as the best full service pet health care center to visit.

What We Do

Wellness exams
The health of your pets is our ultimate goal therefore we strive to offer wellness exams when you walk in. Our friendly caring staff will conduct yearly checkup exams, customized vaccine schedules which will reflect your pets’ needs, provide parasite protection, provide proper nutrition analysis as well as preventative screening tests for various diseases.

Nutrition counseling
We know what your pets need especially when it comes to nutrition. Pet nutrition is very important as it helps to ensure satisfaction and promote good health. As a veterinarian in Indianapolis IN, our friendly caring staff is always ready to offer you the best suggestions when it comes to nutrition.

Puppy and Kitten Care
As you welcome the newest addition into your family, it’s best to ensure that they are healthy. Puppy and kitten care is provided at Shelbyville Road Veterinary Hospital and the best thing about the service is that it is affordable and catered for your pets.

Dental Care
Pets like their owners require dental care which basically involves examination of their teeth, gums and mouth. Buildup of tartar on the teeth leads to bad breath and that is not something you want. The mouth is vulnerable to dental diseases which can contribute to damage of other body organs like kidneys and liver. As the best veterinarian in Indianapolis IN, we offer affordable and high quality dental care to your pets.

Surgery and Microchipping
This Shelbyville Road Veterinarian offers different surgical procedures like laser surgery, laser declaw, eye surgery and emergency surgery services. These services are geared towards the health of your pets especially if you reside in Indianapolis IN. Apart from that, we can microchip your pet, assuring you of being able to locate them with ease in case they get lost.

Other services we offer at Shelbyville Road Veterinary Hospital that are beneficial to you include:

  • Senior dog and cat care
  • Allergy testing and treatment
  • Pain management
  • Diagnostics services
  • Great customer care

Why Choose Us ?
Our values
As one of the leading veterinarians in Indianapolis IN, your pet needs come first and we assure you of proper health care every time you step into our vet clinic.

Our Integrity
As licensed and experienced experts in Indy, we adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and personal responsibility when it comes to taking care of your pets.

The Team
The reason we have been successful since 2004 in the Indianapolis IN area is because of team work. Thanks to Dr Thunell’s leadership, our staff works as a team by sharing knowledge, partnering with each other and ensuring genuine collaboration.

The moment you walk in through our veterinary clinic doors, you will be granted respect and courtesy at all times.

We are poised to offer you the highest quality care when it comes to your pets as well as achieving the best outcomes in the end.

Our staff not only offers the best health care to your dog and cat but they educate clients about keeping their pets healthy all year round with good nutrition and exercise. We stay on top of the latest advances in pet health care technology therefore assuring you of the best results available. With our health care services, your pets will be treated with loving care during every check up and every emergency procedure.

When faced with a pet emergency, whose hands do you want caring for your loved ones? Shelbyville Road Veterinary Hospital. You can be assured your pets are receiving the best care possible.

Visit us today for the best health care service for your pets.

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